We provide all of our clients with ATMs from the Genmega Onyx collection. This collection is Genmega's newest and smartest line of ATMs, as well as boasting an attractive modern physical appearance. They are extremely user-friendly, allowing customers to make quick and easy transactions without the slow wait time of most ATM models on the market.


Some important details about why we use The Onyx Collection:


The Genmega Onyx and Onyx-W models were designed to be the premier all-in-one ATMs. These machines have some of the longest life spans in the industry and are mechanically designed to eliminate the need for constant maintenance requirements. This eliminates downtime, allowing your machine to remain operational and increase your profits during all hours of business. 


One of the most important reasons we selected this machine was because of how eco-friendly the design is. The Onyx Collection includes energy-saving features and functionality, such as its low energy LCD screen, which reduces energy consumption and saves money on electricity costs.  By using this machine we are taking yet another necessary precaution in ensuring that our business practices are less wasteful and more earth-conscious.


Not only does Trust ATMs premier collection comply to accepted standards across most regions around the world, but the extremely secured and fortified integrity of the Genmega Onyx Collection halts any attempts at breaching its security. In addition to this, we offer equipped monitoring solutions, adding a further layer of security to the machine. This protects your customers and increases the security and longevity of your additional income.

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